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Three Sisters NEW at Whole Foods Market


Three Sisters cereals are NEW on the shelves of Whole Foods Market locations around the nation. Three Sisters offers six varieties of all natural cereals that taste good and are also environmentally conscious.

The cereal products are a great choice for natural, healthy eating and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. The Three Sisters company is focused on bringing value and quality to its all-natural cereals, while being good for both your family and the environment. The company uses renewable wind energy to make all six varieties of Three Sisters Cereal and also recycles materials whenever possible. They also ditched the box to prevent excess waste. The company markets family-favorite cereals made with the highest quality, natural ingredients and works to keep production costs as low as possible. The savings are passed on to families who take similar values into account when making food choices.

Three Sisters works hard to maintain product communications that educate parents on the value and nutritional quality of its products. You won’t see Three Sisters Cereal commercials on Saturday morning TV. Three Sisters knows the value of parental input in shaping healthy eating habits in children, so product advertisements are aimed at parents, not kids.

Three sisters is a privately held company that values tradition. The company has been in the hands of the same family for four generations. Good nutrition, fair product pricing, and environmental sustainability are values that have been passed down along the way. Lower product price points are achieved by operating in a much more lean fashion than the other cereal companies. Three Sisters does not spend the type of marketing money or incur the type of overhead costs that the other publicly-held, premium price companies do. Instead, Three Sisters uses more cost-effective methods and renewable resources to offer a great variety of all natural cereals to families. Now your family can try all six Three Sisters cereal varieties found at Whole Foods Markets.

49 Responses to Three Sisters NEW at Whole Foods Market

  1. Mary Graham says:

    I just wanted to pass on how much I enjoyed your product. I recently purchased your cereal on the off chance that it might be tasty…it sounded good! I was blown away with how excellent it was. I tried the Cinnamon Sweets as I am a big fan of cinnamon. And, I am impressed with your product and your mission. I just wish it was carried in a few other finer grocery stores in our area (Northern Virginia)…perhaps Wegmans? I just live really far away from WHOLE FOODS and don’t frequent it too often. Well, I just thought I would pass on how much I enjoyed your product!!! Keep up the good work!!!

    Yours truly-
    A cereal lover

  2. Ellen Lee says:

    I was wondering about allergens and cross-contamination. Noticed that one of your cereals contains almonds. Is there any cross-contamination of the other cereals with almonds and other treenuts and peanuts?

    • Dear Ellen,

      Our products are labeled to show the ingredients they contain. We suggest that you please always reference the package ingredient statement for the most current information on any product. The Three Sisters Honey’ n Oats cereal does contain
      almonds, but none of the other ThreeSisters cereals contain nut ingredients. The other varieties never touch the same production lines as the Honey’n Oats cereal.

      All the Best,


  3. Kendra says:

    Are any of these cereals processed in a factory with nuts? The question arises out of concern for a nut allergy.

    • Thanks for your question Kendra. ThreeSisters products are labeled to show the ingredients they contain. Please always reference the package ingredient statement for the most current information on any product. Three Sisters Honey’ n Oats cereal does contain almonds, but of the other Three Sisters cereals contain nut ingredients. Other varieties are not made on the same production line as the Honey’ n Oats cereal.

      All the Best,


  4. Angela Queen says:

    We recently tried the different variety of your cereals and we absolutely love them; my kids couldn’t get enough. We travel approximately 2 hours from our small city of Abilene, Tx. to the Whole Foods in Arlington, Tx. to purchase natural and organic groceries(we don’t have the variety in Abilene). But because of our busy schedules, we only get to go Whole Foods every 3-4 months; therefore, we were wondering if there was a way to mail order your cereal? We were just trying to find a way to get more of your product.
    Thank you for making a cereal that is fun for kids to eat, but also tastes great and I feel good as a mom feeding it to my kids. Blessings on a continued successful business!
    Angela Queen

    • Angela,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comments regarding Three Sisters cereals! We are glad your family is enjoying these natural products. We currently do not have a mail order service for our cereals. Your interest in this service and in finding more ways to get our cereal will be shared to help find a solution in the future. Thank you, again!

      All the Best,


  5. Amber Lopez Lasater says:

    Hats off to Three Sisters!! I couldn’t be more thrilled with the cereal and as I always struggle to keep up with my recycling, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that your product is cardboard free and produced using wind energy. Rest assured that I will pass the great Three Sister news on! Keep the products coming and hope to see you expand beyond cereal in the near future.

    Best Wishes,

    Amber Lopez Lasater

  6. Lauren says:

    I was wondering if the milk products in your cereal are pasteurized. Also, what type of plastic bags are used? Thanks a lot!

    • Shannon at Three Sisters says:

      Hi Lauren,
      Great question! The milk products used in our Three Sisters cereals are pasteurized. I posted an answer to a similar packaging question on 4.27 in response to Eric’s post. Take a look and feel free to post again if you want more info.

      Best Regards,

  7. Eric says:

    Dear Three Sisters,

    Our family enjoyed your Honey Oaties cereal. TSC does a great deal of recycling. I did not find a recycling mark on your plastic bag. We can recycle #2 and #4 plastic bags in northern California. Is it too expensive to use recyclable plastic, or would the cereal quality be affected? Is there some other reason?

    • Shannon at Three Sisters says:


      Thank you for your interest in our Three Sisters cereals. When it comes to
      the packaging of our products, our first priority is to provide consumers
      with safe and fresh products. The polyethylene bags we use provide our
      customers with wholesome, quality products without the high cost of
      packaging materials. We currently use the lowest density poly material
      proven to keep our cereals safe and fresh. Unfortunately, this poly
      material is not recyclable and therefore, does not have a recycling symbol.
      We continue to review any new packaging materials that become available to

      We certainly appreciate and share your concern for the environment. You may
      be interested to know that Three Sisters takes environmental issues very
      seriously. We are committed to the use of renewable energy and we have
      active programs in place to reduce energy consumption and minimize water
      use. We also work with our suppliers, the government and the community to
      continuously search for ways to improve our own recycling efforts. Your
      comments regarding the packaging of our cereals were shared with our
      Marketing and Packaging Departments.

      Best Regards,


  8. Barbara says:

    Love your cereal! Especially the Graham Crackerz!! Now, if the bag was compostable, you’d really have something amazing.

  9. Adrienne says:

    Thank you! For what, you ask? For having NOT SHARED lines with your almonds :) I am in love with your Cinnamon cereal and I just tried the graham one tonight – YUMMERS! I plan to make marshmallow treats with the graham one tomorrow, adding frozen chocolate chips (so they don’t melt). Wonderful!

    Additionally – I would love to ask that you never add a peanut variety of cereal, and if you do — please also keep the lines separated. Those of us with pn/tn allergies TRULY appreciate that effort :) I’ve passed on your allergen comments above to a food allergy community to help advertise your scrumptious products! (

  10. Lauren says:

    Thank you so much for the response. I had asked about the bags because I was just wondering if they contained phthalates or bpa. Thanks again!

  11. Tracey says:

    Love the cereals! My daughter is gobbling it up as I write this.

    I’m glad not to have the big cardboard boxes to contend with, however the packaging is a bit problematic. The freshness seal often detaches from one side of the bag, rendering the ‘seal’ useless because the top of the bag is open, exposing the cereal to air. We typically use it before we’d need the seal to keep it fresh, but it is a disappointment nonetheless.

  12. Jasmine Leilani says:

    Trying to eat healthy has been a bit of a hurdle, especially since I am expecting my first child in August.

    The one thing that I have given up, reluctantly, are my favorite sugary cereals. My favorite being a certain marshmallow laden brand with the famous leprechaun on the front. I think we all know exactly which one I’m talking about.

    I’ve been able to cut this out of my diet for the most part, that was until the Pregnancy cravings hit me. I want to eat healthy for me and my baby, but at the same time I’ve learned that Pregnancy cravings are like none other. You ignore them and they will haunt your every step until they are satisfied!

    Because of this I want to thank you for creating your Marshmallow Oaties! I saw it at Whole Foods and in curiosity (and desperation) I grabbed a bag.
    I have to say, it’s just brilliant!
    It tastes almost exactly the same but because I know how much healthier it is for me, my baby and the environment…
    It’s even better!
    And my Hubby loves how healthy it is compared to the other option, so this makes life easier!

    I can’t wait to try your other flavors and to introduce my son to these when he’s old enough.
    The weekend bowl of cereal goodness is back!!!

    Thank you from the 3 of us!


    • Jasmine,

      Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck with all the adventures that come with becoming a new Mom! We’re glad you’ve found a Three Sisters cereal that meets your pregnancy diet goals.

      Best Wishes,


  13. Tim says:

    I have tried 3 varieties of Three Sisters cerals so far. Each of them is like fine dining gourmet when compared to the popular brand it resembles. I am stunned by the flavor of these cereals and can’t believe more of these posted comments ignore the dramatic flavor improvements over the alternatives. Yes, the cereals are produced with what I feel is much greater RESPECT for my health concerns, especially as a parent. But all of the environment and health conscientiousness in the world would be lost if the cereal tasted bland or had funny textures, or left an unwanted aftertaste (common problems with other “health food”). These cereals taste BETTER than the ones we are trying to avoid! When you shop for healthier alternatives, you always face the issue of whether the safer food option is enjoyable to eat or even palatable. Three Sisters is the biggest winner in this “contest” I have found thus far. You guys should look into improving other snack foods.

  14. Joan K says:

    I see that the wheat in your cereals comes into contact with soy. Would you please let me know whether that is soy lecithin or some other version of soy? I ask because many soy-allergic individuals can tolerate soy lecithin but not other forms of soy. Thanks so much!

    • Shannon at Three Sisters says:

      Hi Joan!
      Thanks for your question. To clarify, the wheat used in our products contains traces of soybeans (the actual beans themselves.) Did this answer your question completely?

      Three Sisters

  15. Jenny says:

    Hello Three Sisters,
    Marshmallow Oaties (only one i’ve tried so far) are simply so wonderful. It is hard to believe that they have nothing artificial in them. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful and health conscious product.
    Thank you!
    ps. my sister loves it so much were going to buy a bag today for her trip to Europe.

  16. Peggy Reinders says:

    I was at Whole Foods tonight purchasing natural and organic cereal with my kids. I was surprised and pleased to see your cereal line there (first time ever seeing it in store). But I was the most surprised by how good it tastes (my kids picked the Marshmallow Oaties). Thank you for making a natural cereal that tastes good too!

  17. debra says:

    so disappointed the WF in my area (campbell) is no longer selling your cereal. what’s up with that? :(

    by the bye….it was really great!

    • Shannon at Three Sisters says:

      Dear Debra,
      I’m really sorry to hear that you can no longer find our cereal at your local Whole Foods Market. You can always feel free to make a request to the Store Manager for our products. It helps us to make Store Managers aware of your interest in our cereal. -or at least let’s them know that you miss having it on their shelves locally. Can you give me the location of your Whole Foods so that I can pass your comment on to the right person here at Three Sisters?

      Thank you!


  18. Ariane Bertrand says:

    Hi, I too love your cereal as well as my kids and husban, especially the Marshmallow Oaties. But I went back to the Whole Foods I originally purchased them from and they were no longer there (Los Altos, California). Any chance they can bring them back?

  19. Liz Prado says:

    We have 3 children 13,11 and 9. We eat a lot of cereal in our house. We just discovered your cereal at Whole Foods and tried every kind you offer. We love the cereal and I love the packaging. Thank you for creating a delicious, nutritious and quality product. I hope others will follow in your footsteps and get rid of the box.

    Thank you!

  20. Hi..I was bad..just ate an entire bag of cinnamon sweets like I was eating peanuts..after reading the label, I was concerned as to the amount of sugar-120g/4+oz per I correct on that?..I also wondered what to do with the bag and went to your website, where I noticed others had also wondered as to whether it could be recycled…that led my marketing mind to come up with having a contest as to the ‘most creative reuses’ of the could be used in the garden to start plants in, or store materials and it would be great for storing/transporting food for camping or storing bulk items in the pantry, and on and on and on..doesn’t have to be thrown away, and think of all the ‘extra publicity’ it would create by being reused in other venues..I love your product and what it represents in this ‘very interesting time’ we have created for ourselves..KEEP UP THE OUTSTANDING WORK!
    paul in sonoma county, ca

  21. Jillian says:

    I recently found the Sweet Wheat cereal at my local whole foods market and i am very impressed with the great taste! I am delighted at the fact that less packaging is used, but hope that your company can find a recyclable packaging that can also deliver the same amount of freshness in the cereal.
    Thank you for making a great tasting cereal and thank you for caring!

  22. Kara says:

    I just purchased marshmallow oaties. Delicious. I ended up having two bowls for dinner. Way better than the “other” brand.

    On a separate note, the packaging is well-designed. I’m in marketing and really appreciate how clever and colorful it is.

  23. karina says:

    hey we love the cereal! and although the bags aren’t recyclable, it’s really better than a box variety anyhow – those inner liners aren’t recyclable either, but at least now we don’t have the outer box! thanks!

  24. Michael W says:

    hey love the low sodium content of the sweet wheat …. more of the low sodium would be nice — and work on the recycling issues

  25. Tara says:

    I am in love with marshmallow oaties also and am desperate to know if they are available in Canada yet? I just bought a bag while at Whole Foods in HI but it would be great to see them somewhere locally. Thank you! :)

  26. Jennette says:

    Thank you for a wonderful product! I have a daughter that is sensitive to those artificial dyes…especially Red40, another sensitive to nuts and your cereal is a huge hit in our family. Always looking for great tasting kid friendly cereals that my daughters can have and yours fits the bill perfectly. I have only tried the marshmallow oaties and I can’t wait to try the others. Yum. Yum. Yum. I hope your able to contract with some other grocery stores!! Whole foods isn’t close!

  27. Debbie says:

    I picked up a bag of your Graham Crackerz somewhere locally (we don’t have a Whole Foods within 200 miles), LOVED THEM and am now hooked and can’t find them again. Could Trader Joe’s have been the place? I live in San Luis Obispo, CA.

  28. Eddies Mommie says:

    Hi there! My son is 2 and has severe life threatening allergies to all tree nuts and peanuts. I think it’s great that most of your cereals are nut free, it’s hard to find healthy nut free cereals for my son with food allergies. Thanks so much!

  29. Liane says:

    I’m so disappointed that my nearest Whole Foods store (27th Street, Chelsea, NY) will no longer carry your Honey ‘n Oats cereal.

    Please pass my message on to them to let them know they have a very sad (and hungry) customer.

  30. Lori says:

    I just wanted to share w/your company how much I enjoyed the Graham Crackerz cereal. I spent a few hours in Whole Foods exploring new items so we can attempt to have a healthier lifestyle & came across your cereal on an end cap advertising a sale. I thought, ok, give it a try. WOW is all I can say!! Who would have thought something that was good for you tasted so good. I went back 3 days later & got 4 more bags!! One question…does your company ever have coupons for your products? Thanks for making a healthy cereal w/so much taste!

  31. Deanna says:

    I bought your dark chocolate oatmeal this week and i absolutely love it. It’s the best oatmeal I have ever had and could eat it all day. I also bought the cinnamon & apples flavor but haven’t tried it yet. I’m sure it will be awesome as well. Next time I go to Whole Foods I will be sure to try more of your products. Thank you!!

  32. I loved your Honey and Oats cereal but I haven’t seen it at Whole Foods in a long time. I see that it is not on your product list any longer. Is it gone? Hope not it was my favorite.

  33. Erika says:

    Hi, I am the parent of a kindergartner that has a classmate who is allergic to tree nuts. I was not aware of how limited food choices can be for little kids allergic to tree nuts. I’ve been searching for products that we can bring into his classroom to share for snacks, and I was trilled to find your cereal line this morning. We’ll definitely be taking in a couple bags of Sweet Wheat, and in agreement with the previous comments, I was instantaneously addicted to Cinnamon Sweets. Finally, I’d like to commend you on your efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of your products, I wish more food brands would follow your lead.

  34. Jane says:

    The dark chocolate oatmeal is the best I’ve ever tasted! Fair warning to all as it is addicting! I bought it at a Whole Foods in Glendale, CA and went to the WF in Sherman Oaks, they no longer have the oatmeal on the shelves. Hope they haven’t stopped carrying it, I was in too much of a rush to ask someone but will next time. Thanks for making such a unique and delicious product.

  35. susan says:

    i tried you products in Colorado. Loved them! cant find in any of the WF stores around Boston MA.

  36. regina osborne says:

    my mom was told by her doctor to eat more whole grains, she has never liked oatmeal as a rule of thmb but, she just loves your product. i cant believe it. thanks for giving us a solution to what cold have been a real problem.

  37. NatKingJoe says:

    Hard to say in a few words how fantastic this cereal and this company are. Great alternative to Kashi and they terse a whole lot better. I feel like I am cheating eating these cereals! Great job 3 Sisters!! Keep up the great work!

  38. Mattie says:

    Love it!! My childen are eating it straight from the bag as a snack. Who needs milk? Low cost and taste good as well, two qualities that go over well in my family. I can truly say that this is the best cereal on the market. The resealable bags are also a plus. Taste, design, and low cost, AWESOME!!

  39. Jani Oviatt says:

    I am on holiday and visited Whole Foods for the first time. A great adventure in itself. Alaska does not have one. Love the Dark Chocolate Oatmeal. Will you have mail order any time soon? Or will I have to depend on family to ship me ‘care packages’?

  40. Faye Bacon says:

    Hello, I just want to express how wonderful I think your cinnamon & apples cereal is. I am very conscience
    about the quality of cereal I eat and this is just wonderful and healthy at the same time. Is your product available at any other stores besides the Wholefoods chain? Keep up the good work. Sincerly,

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