Three Sisters Cereals

Three Sisters Sweet Wheat Wins
Cooking Light® Awards!

As a cereal connoisseur, you’re already well aware that Three Sisters® cereals are so tasty! The smart folks at Cooking Light Magazine found out and awarded Sweet Wheat a 2011 Taste Test Award, presented in the upcoming October issue!

TASTE TEST AWARD – Three Sisters Sweet Wheat
“A sweet crunch hits the taste buds, transitioning into a wheaty, earthy aftertaste. Great depth of flavor.” – Cooking Light

What you might not know is that there’s a pretty genius quality innovation that goes into making the MOM Brands®’ shredded wheat cereals extra tasty. Where most shredded wheat cereals have up to seven layers of wheat shreds baked on top of one another, Three Sisters cereals have TWELVE layers! How’d we do that? In uber-cool massive ovens that are in three of our plants. Each one is the length of a football field. Yep, that’s 300 feet!

Check out the article at Cooking Light.

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