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Three Sisters featured on Oprah’s Blog

Oprahs’ Blog, Life Lift, featured Three Sisters Cereal this week.

Your 27-Second Green: Think Outside the Cereal Box

When my three-year-old niece is in an independent mood, even the simplest task — pouring a bowl of cereal — can take 20 minutes. I recently watched her struggle triumphantly to open a new box of Lucky Charms, then stop when she spotted the plastic bag nestled inside. She shot me a look with more exasperation than I thought a toddler could muster. “Why does it need both?” she asked.

Great question, especially when you consider the natural resources that go into manufacturing all those boxes and transporting them to the breakfast table. Each year, roughly 345 million pounds of paperboard are used to make 2.3 billion cereal boxes in the U.S. That’s the paperboard equivalent of three great pyramids, or the weight of nearly 750,000 jumbo jets.

Buying bagged cereal isn’t just a smart cost-saving strategy; it can have an eco-impact as well. Three Sisters Cereal — including yummy takes on shredded wheat squares, marshmallow oats, and cocoa rice crisps — use 75 percent less packaging than boxed brands. Even better, the electricity used to make the resealable cereal bags is powered by wind energy. Think of that next big bowl of cereal and milk as one small way to help the planet, before you’ve even finished your morning coffee.

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