Three Sisters Cereals


Oat Meal Packaging

Oatmeal Packaging

Environmentally Friendly: Less Waste
Our pantry-saving package generates significantly less waste than other brands-in some cases as much as 35% less!*

*Differences will vary by competitor.

Wind Power

Wind Power

A Commitment to Renewable Energy
We support renewable energy by purchasing wind energy credits to offset 100% of the electricity consumed in the manufacturing of our cereals.

Bag Is Better

We Believe The Bag Is Better

It's time to Bag The Box®
Just because most cereal comes in boxes doesn't make it right. Guess what's inside all those boxes? Bags of cereal. We believe the cereal box is excess packaging and we can do better. In fact, our bags are 75% less consumer packaging waste to deal with than a comparably sized box with a bag inside. So c'mon, help give the earth a break! Learn all the facts at